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customer in pharmacy in Lethbridge

Prescription Fills, Flu Shots & Other Pharmacy Services in Lethbridge

Discover the various pharmacy services and in-home healthcare products available at Anderson’s Pharmacy. A staple of the Lethbridge community, we offer everything from immunization injection services to compliance packaging for your prescriptions. We understand that each client is unique and therefore provide a personalized service in order to accommodate your specific needs. We aim to work with your physician and other healthcare providers to improve your health and manage medications. Visit Anderson’s Pharmacy in Lethbridge to learn more about our pharmacy services.


Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Prescription fills and refills
  • Medication consultation
  • Compliance packaging
  • Extending prescription
  • Flu shots and immunization
  • Personalized medication review and care plan
Request Delivery Services | Let us bring your prescriptions to your home in Lethbridge
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